At Mount Holly Nissan we don't just sell cars, or service any make and model. We buy any car that our customers to bring into our dealership! Depending on the year, make, model, trim level, mileage, condition of the vehicle, etc. will factor in on what we offer to buy your vehicle for.

As vehicles get older, typically people will spend a great deal of money on repairs to the vehicle in addition to regular maintenance. More often than not, our customers understand that the investment in repairing a vehicle would be best spent towards a monthly payment on a new car, or a newer used car.

There are so many different options on the web to give you appraisals on your vehicle, whether you decide to sell it outright or trade it in for a new vehicle. The issue with these, is at times the offer they provide is unrealistic based on the information entered, and people often think of their vehicle as being the best when it may have many flaws that would impact the value of the vehicle.

For example, a trade-in tool may ask very few questions to get the year, make, model, trim & mileage of the vehicle, and not ask important questions that would impact the offer. Some of the questions that aren't always asked are:

Are you the first owner of the vehicle?

  • This will give you a much better offer, as many people don't want a vehicle that's been in many hands.

Have you been in any accidents?

  • This could greatly impact the value of your vehicle depending on the damage that was done, if the vehicle had to be towed, etc. The information after the accident is reported goes to Carfax, which we pull from along with other dealerships to see the history of the vehicle.
  • On the other hand, it may not impact the value at all. Such as, if the accident was not reported it will not show up on the Carfax report, and you may have not had much, if any, damage on the vehicle that couldn't be repaired.

The best way to determine the value of your vehicle is by coming into Mount Holly Nissan, and letting us properly review your vehicle with you and provide you an accurate number on what your vehicle is worth. We, unlike a majority of other dealerships, are transparent in everything that we do, from how we price our vehicles to what we offer customers for their vehicle.

We do everything we can to make sure our customers leave here excited, and that they want to come back and have their family come in and see us. Contact us anytime at 609-267-2886 and we will buy any car that you bring in.

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